Baselamp DIY lighting whiskey

Maybe you’ve got a faceted glass terrarium, a beautiful transparent vase or just an exceptionally favored bottle of whiskey laying around that you’d like to literally highlight like a work of art. The ‘Baselamp’ by Luke Lamp Co. lets you turn nearly any object into a sculptural DIY lighting fixture, so long as it can sit flat and isn’t too opaque to transmit light. Handmade in New York and built for use almost anywhere in the world, it’s currently up for backing on Kickstarter.

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Baselamp lighting fixture
Baselamp DIY lighting glass

The base is made of solid walnut or bamboo, set on an aluminum heatsink to ensure that it doesn’t overheat the object it’s used with or the surface it is placed upon. The LED bulb used for illumination won’t get too hot anyway, however, and a recessed touch capacitive dimmer switch makes it easy to customize the level of brightness.

Baselamp DIY lighting drone

At full blast, it packs a vibrant punch with 410 lumens, yet won’t transmit any UV light (so no bottles of fine liquor will be harmed by using them as a lamp.) The bulb is covered with a Makrolon Lumen XT polycarbonate diffuser, and the plug-in power adapter works on all voltages.

Baselamp DIY lighting bottle

Want to snag one of your own? Pledge $99 or more to get the bamboo version, or $109 for the walnut version. Kickstarter rewards are due to start shipping this August.

More from the designer

“Whether it’s your favorite bottle of whiskey, a glass incense burner, a vintage notebook, a flower-filled vase, a particularly imposing action figure, or even your amazing quadcopter (while you wait for the batteries to charge) – the uses for Baselamp are endless, and limited only by your imagination.”

Baselamp DIY lighting walnut or bamboo

“Baselamp was designed and refined over the past year and a half with a focus on versatility and ease of use – with an integral chip-on-board LED and a recessed touch-capacitive dimmer switch, we’ve created a lamp that is not only super bright (410 lumens!) but also doesn’t create too much heat or any UV light (a particular concern for the aforementioned whiskey application).”