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These suspended wire baskets hold orbs of light that illuminate spaces in a modern and clean way without looking cluttered. From designer Martín Azúa, the Light Container pendant lamp cradles a light bulb, making it seem like equal parts art and home object.

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The wire baskets are suspended from the ceiling by invisible wires, while the bulbs are at the end of long black cords. This gives the illusion that the baskets are held up by the twisting, curving black cords.

light container 1

Each basket is tilted so that the ball-shaped light source doesn’t roll out. The slightly angled position is reminiscent of hanging sculptures, while the glass light diffuser around the bulb creates a soft, glowing light.

light container 4

The artistic light fixtures are made in three sizes, letting you create your own personalized art installation in your dining room, living room, stairwell, or business.. The series is limited to 5000 signed units, available at the designer’s site beginning at 380€.