Part sculpture, part functional object, this water jug could stand as the centerpiece of your dining table in place of a vase of flowers. CAWA is an elegant twist on the standard means of serving water at the table, fitting a test-tube-like vessel into a curving wooden stand that can fill glasses with one simple flick of the wrist.

The design, by Lucas González, answers the questions “Why do you serve as we serve?” and “Why are water jugs as they are?” Traditionally, water jugs were made to be carried from one room to another, hence the typical shape that’s been in use for centuries.

CAWA looks at the purpose of a water pitcher at the dining table in a new way, reducing the act of refilling a glass to a single movement of the arm.

The half-circle cradling the glass vessel leans back on a sort of kickstand in resting position. Tilt it forward to use, and then tilt it back again when you’re done.