Reversed Volumes by Mischer Traxler
From potatoes, peppers and onions to pears, apples and oranges, we take the unique organic forms of fruits and vegetables for granted when we pick them up at the grocery store or slice them for a meal – these bowls, by comparison, are creative food-for-thought pieces that leave a new, unique and lasting impression.
Reversed Volumes - Cauliflower bowl
Requiring no firing, these unique bowls made of powdered ceramic by Mischer’Traxler (via Dezeen)are as naturally unique as each fruit or vegetable that went into making them. The works individually reflect the embedded organic form of the objects pressed into them and their identities are reinforced by dyes added before the pressing and drying processes.
Reversed Volumes - series of vegetable vessels
Each piece casts a new light on the plant matter that made it possible, from the smooth shapes and surface textures of citrus fruits to the rough and variegated and complex fractal patterns of cauliflower and everything in between. Because they do not need to be fired, these cast ceramic bowls can hold the shapes of otherwise heat-sensitive source materials.
Presented in Milan at FoodMarketo, a collaboration between Apartamento magazine and event design firm Designmarketo, Traxler’s “Reversed Volumes” are a fun new way to look at the shapes of common objects.
Reversed Volumes - Creation process

“The vessels highlight the various surfaces of nature and help to look at them from a different perspective,” says the artist. “They can be used for all kinds of food. The small bowls are ideal for ice cream and desserts, the aubergine works perfectly for serving olives, the melon for fruits and the cabbage is big enough for salads. The bowls were initially designed for FoodMarketo in 2010. After some months of small batch production within the studio, the project was developed further for serial production. Since 2013, they are produced and edited by PCM Design and available in selected shops worldwide and in PCM’s online shop.”