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“Equal-opportunity parenting” is the name of the game for the designers at Lalabu. Gone is the assumption that only mothers need and want to bond with their newborns. The company has developed baby-snuggling shirts for both new moms and new dads, encouraging everyone to participate in that all-important parent-baby bonding time in the first few months.

The Soothe Shirt, created for moms, actually looks stylish (no more frilly fronts and loud flowery “mother” prints these days, thankfully). The fabric is designed to expand as baby grows, and since it’s a tank, you can wear it under layers of clothes in the winter or by itself when spring and summer hit. However, even though they’re aiming for equality, Lalabu still knows moms and their needs.

The Soothe Shirt has a discreet nursing bra built right in, so you can feed your baby when you’re out and about. “The bra features two fabric layers for extra coverage and a soft elastic band for support,” the designers say. “It also keeps your stomach covered while nursing, so you have the modesty and coverage you desire to confidently nurse no matter where you are.” Perfect!

new moms cuddling newborn in wrap

And of course the baby needs to be comfortable too, so there’s a head support that folds up to stop that wobbly head jiggling as you walk. Just push it back into the pouch when you’re not using it. The shirt keeps your child so close and comforted that she’ll probably doze off while you’re walking.

Worried that you’ll get too hot? They’ve got that covered as well: the US-made pouch has a mesh panel inside to keep both of you cool.

The New Dad Shirt is an ingenious way for new fathers to keep active and enjoy bonding with their baby at the same time as well. It looks like a regular slim-line fashion tee, but it actually serves as a kangaroo pouch! “There’s no wrapping, adjusting, or tying,” the company says to reassure the skeptics out there. Just pop the baby in the pouch and head out the door. We’re not surprised that the Atlanta, Georgia-based company’s slogan is “Simple Babywearing.”

new dad wearing baby shirt

lalabu blue new father shirt

As with the Soothe Shirt, the New Dad Shirt has an inner mesh lining to keep you both cool while you snuggle and the flip-up head support for the baby. The short-sleeve, V-neck T-shirt is offered in “calm blue” and “simple gray” right now, so it’ll match jeans or chinos if you’re out for a casual dinner with friends or just a walk around the neighborhood to catch some air.

Lalabu says the pouch in both shirts is designed to hold newborns weighing between 7 and 15 pounds. “The pouch does support much of your newborn’s weight; however, we still recommend that you always keep one hand on the baby while they are in the pouch,” they advise. “It’s not a ‘carrier’ to hold your baby while you do other things. Much the opposite, our desire is that it promotes mom-baby bonding and actively doing life together.”

We suspect these shirts will be snapped up by friends and family looking for new, creative spins on a baby shower gift—practical and thoughtful, all in one comfy package.