Introduction to B-Turtle

Proud to be presenting a world first, GentleTent, an Austrian inflatable tent specialist, has created an innovative pop-up camper that attaches directly onto your bike. Allowing enough space to comfortably sleep two people, this compact sleeping pod will soon allow anyone to pitch on the go! Whether it’s on the beach, on the side of a mountain, beneath the stars, or in the middle of a field, the B-Turtle gives you the freedom to roam and sleep wherever the wind takes you.

The combined transport and caravan trailer means that cyclists can power on through their journeys during the day without having to give up the luxury of sleeping comfortably in the evening. The lightweight aluminium wheel trailer weighs just 65 pounds and can easily pulled along behind your bike or e-bike, having already been successfully tested on standard bike trails.

Given the recent boom in electronic bike use, GentleTent inventor and founder Gernot Rammer believes that he has created a new market for both cyclists and camping fanatics, both of whom will now be able to invest in this micro-caravan for a lifetime of modern camping. Keeping accommodation costs at a minimum, this nifty gadget will help travelers all over the world shelter themselves from the elements at any given moment.

How B-Turtle Works

Fully inflating in a matter of minutes, the camper can also be taken down and packed away in less than 10! Comprised of an inflatable tent situated on top of a metallic frame, the B-Turtle also has an integrated tray in its trailer section capable of storing up to 120 liters — something that will surely help lug all your camping essentials around. In “turtle” mode, the B-Turtle acts as an ordinary cargo trailer with a width of 79 centimeters, allowing for easy traveling on most paths. In “camping” mode, it offers enough sleeping space for two and a spacious vestibule at the front, which itself can be used as an awning area or entrance. The camper has also been equipped with a fully retractable door.

Once the tent has been pitched, the B-Turtle measures 83 X 51 inches, with a two-person air-filled sleeping platform that stands 28 inches above your chosen terrain. The trailer and tent can then be fixed using the guy-lines, supporting legs, and tent pegs. The tent is also equipped with a rear wall window, two side window openings, and mosquito nets. The support platform that unfolds and rests on top of the trailer measures 130 x 210 centimeters in size and promises a sturdy foundation.

Once deflated and packed away, the tent attaches to the bike using a drawbar with Weber coupling. The trailer has two 12-inch spoked wheels with slight inclination in order to run and grip the roads better.

How Can I Get One?

The B-Turtle is available for purchase from GentleTent for €2,990 (approx. $3,500 USD). This includes the trailer, the inflatable tent, the guy-lines, the stakes, a repair kit, and a hand pump. In the near future, the company hopes to give customers the chance to rent a B-Turtle for weekend trips and short holidays.