quirky aquarium globe design

From conventional freshwater to tropical saltwater species, fish can be a fun way to add some life to your living room – but with these cool aquariums, you might find yourself staring at the unique design as much as you do at the exotic fish you put inside.

cool custom fish tanks

Like a self-contained maze, this large labyrinth aquarium features a series of smaller interconnected round ‘bubbles’ of glass – joined by glass tubes that run between these more open spaces. While ornaments, accessories and supplies can be added and filters changed along the top, it is a bit tricky to get down to the lower levels.

fish tank sink combo

If you really want to integrate fish into your daily life, you can always opt for the built-in sink tank where fish swim beneath you while you wash your hands and face or brush your teeth. What a way to wake up in the morning!

hanging fish tank design

The ceiling-hanging variants are a bit more simple and modern, though nonetheless dazzling. They work as visual dividers in a space as well as colorful and animated decor elements. Of course, there is a huge amount of weight between the glass and the water, so augmented structural members may be required to actually install one of these.

coffee table fish tanks

Though these stunning fish tanks are for sale from OpulentItems, they are anything but cheap – ranging from a few hundred to many thousands of dollars. Small wall-hanging ones or these cool coffee-table ideas might be better for those on a budget or worried about cleaning or suspending a huge tank. If you are looking for a larger one, it might be more helpful to think of these as architectural or furniture objects than typical furnishings, since they cost about as much.

Even if you’ve never been super into fish as pets, these fun modern fish tank designs might just convert you.