all in one jacket shelter

Yes, you read that headline correctly – it does not slice nor does it dice but this remarkable design by Justan Gargasz does transform into three of the handiest things one can have while traveling outdoors: a (notably reversible) convertible jacket, a backpack and a one-person tent.

reversible jacket design

The convertible backpack/transforming jacket design conceals the tent or “cocoon” in folds around the back that provide support when not in use. The arms of the jacket become the anchors that tie off the bag when resting. Both bigger items can be collapsed down into a compact sling bag as well.

jacket transforms into a bag

The colors (blue and brown) were chosen for their unobtrusive tones – designed to blend and appear simple and unassuming both indoors and out. For a backpack tent, it does expand into a size that’s perfectly well suited for a single person, albeit more of a bivvy sack than a tent. It’s also remarkably compact once the user is wearing it as a jacket or backpack, without any weird extra fabric drooping down to reveal that it’s more than it appears at first glance.

Jacket backpack and tent all in one

jacket tent

Here’s what designer Justin Gargasz says about his creation, which he named “Vessel”:

“Vessel addresses this universal need to get away by providing the user a cocoon integrated into a jacket. At any given moment the user can go outside, take the jacket off, tie the arms around a tree, pull out the cocoon and go inside. Distance and solitude become the ends to which one escapes, Vessel providing a meditative and introspective experience during any part of a persons’ everyday routine.”

It’s a pretty cool idea, and would be especially well suited for people who like to travel extra light, like backpackers trekking across entire countries or continents who want to keep their loads light. Would you choose this unusual clothing/shelter combo for your own travels?