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Making the perfect cup of tea: it is the Holy Grail of kitchen skills. Sadly, not many of us have been able to master it. The TEA Thermos concept from designer Eddie Gandelman would help you make the perfect cup of tea every time – even if you have never been able to before.

The concept combines a standard kitchen timer with a travel mug. You simply pour the hot water into the mug’s chamber and clip the tea bag to the interior chain. As the timer ticks down the perfect amount of minutes to steep your tea, the chain is slowly pulled up through – and eventually out of – the water.

By the time the tea bag is lifted out of the water, your cup of tea has been steeped for the perfect amount of minutes. There’s no guesswork and no skill involved – just delicious tea every time. The TEA Thermos is just a concept at the moment, unfortunately not yet available for purchase.