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The thesis is simple yet compelling, and while we may be loathe to admit its accuracy, it has the ring of truth: in suburbs, one typically enters the home not through a front door but through the garage, and that is thus the real entryway worth addressing.

auto family house plans

Typically, a garage is the least-finished space in a home (except maybe a basement in some cases) – so, what if it were one of the grander and most-finished spaces instead? In this design by KWK Promes in Poland (images by Juliusz Sokołowski).

auto garage sequence

Cobbled with stone, surrounded with clean white walls and ceiling and flanked by paintings, the processional driveway-to-garage experience is welcoming rather than anticlimactic.

auto home entrance

From the architect: “We usually enter the house by a car, using the garage integrated in main solid. The main entrance is rarely used. Nowadays the cars are becoming cleaner and more eco-friendly, hence the idea emerged to include the garage into the representative entrance area. As a result, a new type of a family house emerged. In the Autofamily House the entrance area and the driveway get transformed into an unique multifunctional space and the moment of driving in the house become a pleasant experience.”