Our idea of what a tiny house can be has really evolved over the last decade. Countless projects have proven you can still have all the comforts of a standard-size home in a smaller package, and that these scaled-down abodes can be incredibly stylish, to boot. The YouTube channel Living Big in a Tiny House is a great place to find wildly diverse tiny homes all around the world, and its number one most popular video featuring a jet-black ultramodern home on wheels has racked up over 48 million views. Built by couple Lisa Tranter and Matt Hobbs for just $90,000, the tall and narrow home was assembled in just three months.

Couple Lisa Tranter and Matt Hobbs' ultramodern DIY tiny home in Australia.

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Tranter has been fascinated by tiny homes for years and always hoped to build one of her own. Once she met Matt, a plumber who now owns his own bathroom and kitchen renovation company, she was ready to get started. The couple purchased a plot of land with beautiful views of the surrounding Blue Mountains and got right to work, detailing their building process on Instagram.

View down at the ultramodern tiny home's minimalist interiors, with a catwalk on the upper level leading to a loft bed on the right.

Couple Lisa Tranter and Matt Hobbs sit in the ultramodern living area of their DIY tiny home.

Sleek minimalist living space inside the ultramodern DIY tiny home, complete with warm lighting fixtures and a green ceiling.

Clean kitchen space inside the DIY tiny home has a slightly industrial feel to it.

“Just because your house is small doesn’t mean you have to skip out on the finer things,” the couple says. That much is evident in their build, which includes a spacious living room, full size kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, and even a stairway leading to two separate sleeping lofts at either end of the house. They wanted standard size appliances, so they built the kitchen around them, tucking the refrigerator and range beneath the stairway leading to the sleeping loft. The kitchen also includes a farmhouse sink, a long waterfall-style counter, high cabinets, lots of built-in lighting, and a row of operable windows to let in the fresh air.

King-size bed tucked into a cozy nook in the DIY tiny home's upper floor.

Lisa Tranter checks her computer on a cozy lofted guest bed inside her ultramodern DIY tiny home.

Diagonal wood floors transition seamlessly into hexagonal tile in the bathroom, where a huge louvered window blurs the lines between indoors and out. The bathroom also contains a dual vanity and a double shower with three shower heads, sliding glass doors, and a wide window for views of the scenery. Upstairs, the master loft has a king-size bed with two side tables and a skylight, and a walkway leads over the living room to the second loft, which contains a guest bed. This bed, too, has its own skylight, and both peer over the edge at the wood stove below. Does it seem like they’re lacking any little luxuries to you?

Large black deck coming off the back of the DIY tiny home gives the couple ample outdoor space.

Expansive cat patio area attached to the ultramodern DIY tiny home.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that they have a massive deck that effectively triples their living space in this temperate climate. The outdoor living area is covered by a custom black sunshade that matches the black corrugated steel siding on the minimalist house. The elevated deck is definitely a bonus. Pet lovers will note an awesome extra feature: a huge mesh-covered patio out back, accessed by a cat door in the house.

Since building their own home, the couple has founded a tiny house building company called Tailored Tiny Co., which specializes in tailoring custom-made small spaces to their clients’ needs and lifestyles.