Nordic furniture is well known for its no-nonsense design with a lack of ornamentation. Swedish-born, Copenhagen-based furniture designer Ellinor Ericsson is combining the functionality of traditional Nordic design with the ornamentation of Rococo in a series she calls X-Me.



The braided birch frames of the sofa and chair would be attractive on their own, but Ericsson took the design to a new height by adding colorful oversize wool cross-stitch details. The cross-stitching is woven into the frames at seemingly-random spots.



The positioning of the stitches actually does serve a purpose, however. The soft wool accents can serve as cushions and mini-armrests when you want to relax. They’re not only a visual softener of the sparse wood; they literally soften the furniture as well.



The tall backs of the furniture pieces allow for a large degree of privacy and isolation. When you lounge in the sofa along with another person, the tall back blocks out distractions and lets you focus on the conversation. The basket-like construction and wool cross-stitches lend the pieces a kind of folksy appeal. The soft seat cushions just beg to be sat on while you laze away in a sunny spot.