Askdeco Designs’ résumé boasts a list of satisfied clients worldwide, with unique, diverse projects completed from Paris and London to Dubai, Geneva, Riyad, Chicago, and Miami. Besides their talent and creativity, the Lebanon-based firm is also extremely comfortable with incorporating spur-of-the-moment changes into their work as their ventures progress.

This design venture challenged the firm from its onset. One side of the lavish and modern duplex apartment has a panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea and ruins of ancient Rome. The opposite side looks out on the vivacious, vibrantly colored streets of Beirut. For obvious reasons, the clients insisted that neither view could be compromised.

Nisrine Nasr, co-founder and interior designer at Askdeco, clarifies the situation. “One Oak 3&4 B2 is a modern family duplex owned by a young couple with a baby. When we first met with the client, their vision was of an industrial-style home, but over the course of the project, that idea collaboratively evolved into a vision of a more refined and livable space.” In addition, she explains: “The client adores a world of colors, cultures, and textures, so the task at hand was to harmonize all of those influences within a single living space.”

Understanding the Clients’ Vision

One of the homeowners is a world traveling art collector with an acute appreciation for unique furniture, and they both wanted that passion incorporated into their seaside apartment. With constant communication and adaptation, Askdeco found the ideal balance of Arabesque, Grecian, and Moroccan patterns, colors, and influences to bring that vision to life.

According to Nasr, the majority of Askdeco’s clients want décor that brings the house together and makes it flow, creating a sense of cohesion from room to room. In this case, the opposite effect was desired. “This particular client wanted to incorporate many different styles of furniture and accessories from different countries, which results in different themes and feels to each room.”

The 7,534-plus-square-foot space at One Oak 3&4 B2 is separated into two very different environments. The upper level is designed for receptions and social events, with ample space for mingling and enjoying drinks a good distance from the bedrooms and other intimate areas reserved for family. Yes, this section of the seaside apartment is all about fun, complete with a full bar, cigar lounge, and game room (which itself boasts a top-of-the-line Toulet billiard table and foosball table).

The lower level is a strikingly different world. An intricate cage-inspired spiral staircase leads to the home’s bedrooms, an ultramodern fully loaded kitchen, and a dramatic bathroom starring a striking Palazzani glass bathtub and a freestanding Fantini bathtub mixer.

Finishing Touches

Outstanding design deserves only the best accoutrements. The soft white walls and Carrara marble flooring throughout the seaside apartment offer a definitive canvas to let every colorful painting and accessory shine in their respective lights. Furniture from top designers mingles with vibrant Mediterranean influences and paintings by T.P. Hardisty, Hussein Madi, and Joan Miró, simultaneously nodding to pop culture via the inclusion of pieces like a living room jukebox. The open, stark white kitchen is accented with bright Mediterranean hues of blue and yellow. Overall, One Oak 3&4 B2 makes for a welcoming home that combines luxury and warmth with all the distinctive tastes of its owners.