comby artistic home objects

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Designer Federica Bubani created a line of objects that show it isn’t always the materials you use, but the arrangement of such materials that make an object noteworthy. Her line of home objects is called COMBY, and every object is defined by the same materials.

comby lamps

A wooden box, a steel bar, and a ceramic shade are the basis for every one of the objects. The volume of the wooden boxes remains the same throughout each piece, and the ceramic shades are the same other than having different opening sizes.

comby home objects

Bubani created familiar home pieces like a makeup mirror, a desk lamp, and a basin using only these basic components. They are equal parts sculpture and functional items, each bringing its own unique qualities to the set.

makeup mirror

The desk lamp and makeup mirror both feature small holes in their bases to allow for storage of essential items. This brings them firmly into the “useful” category, though all of the objects in the series are versatile and intriguingly lovely.