Power Office i29 elliptical shapes

Nothing says executive power and excessive luxury like black and gold in an office design. To keep the design from getting too carried away, however, artistic touches soften and add interest to this creative conference, meeting and lounge space by i29.

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Power Office i29 waiting room

The thematic focus on the idea of a spotlight is immediately obvious to an occupant – from the large circular ceiling lights to the faux-shadows they cast on the floor and the spaces on the wall also implied by their presence. This repeated theme also offsets what might otherwise be a stuffy, overly-elegant space.

Power Office i29 gold archway

Ultimately, this design strikes the right balance between conceptual and practical, artistic and functional. It serves its purposes well with ample light, seating, work and storage spaces but still makes for a radically unique office interior.

Power Office i29 black and white

“The board of an investment group in capital stock, wanted to have a self-called ‘power office’. i29 l interior architects and Eckhardt&Leeuwenstein, two offices which collaborated during this project, created this by placing every board member in the spotlight on a playful way.”

Power Office i29

“All three boardrooms and a lounge are executed in an overall design concept. Large round lampshades, spray painted gold on the inside, seem to cast light and shadow oval marks throughout the whole space. By this, a playful pattern of golden ovals contrasts with the angular cabinets and desks, which are executed in black stained ash wood. In the flooring the oval shaped forms continue by using light and dark grey carpet. Also, these ovals define the separate working areas.”

“The lounge area has, in combination with the white marble flooring these same light/shadow patterns that cover the bar and benches in silver fabrics. This area can be used for presentations or social working, with an integrated flat screen in the bar and data connections in all pieces of furniture. The existing space is set in a 17th century historic building, at one of the most famous canals of Amsterdam called ‘de gouden bocht’. All existing ornaments and details are painted white.”