Irsap vertical steel radiator

There used to be an art to radiator design, decorative embellishments on an otherwise functional heating fixture. Contemporary radiators sometimes replicate antiques but few have gone so far as to make them into virtual works of modern art or multifunctional units that also serve other functions as mirrors and shelving units.

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Irsap purple radiator

Some of the radiators by Irsap are simply made to look interesting, with undulating metal waves or crisscrossing lines that seem to disguise the underlying function of the products.

Irsap horizontal radiator

Others of their designs have quirky twists but still show their basic purpose despite also serving as a mirror or framing a piece of their hidden workings or the walls they hang on, making fascinating decorative pieces for living rooms and functional storage spaces or mirrored services for bathrooms.

Irsap towel warmer
Irsap electric towel radiator

Still others are made to perform specific functions within spaces of a house, such as wrapping around and softening corners or even stacking to create a set of shelves within the (hopefully not too hot water) radiators themselves.

Irsap decorative radiator

“The continuous expansion of the range, the search for colors always in the latest and greatest demand, and the many variations in dimension available all provide more than 500,000 different possibilities in offering each customer a radiator that completely satisfies their various needs for truly customized climate conditioning. The TESI Collection is the reinterpretation of a radiator that ever since the early ’70s has represented the archetype of domestic heating enriched with unprecedented finishes, forms and functionality. Sensations go beyond the merely visual to embrace the sense of touch, going from smooth to shiny and bright, from a velvety feel to a subdued matte look, from gold to silver and platinum. The feeling of warmth increases with the special surfaces available in a range of different colors and gives hard, cold steel a delightful ‘rubber-surface’ feel. The same levels of quality combined with highly expressive design distinguishes the Officina delle Idee collection, which has recently expanded with the arrival of new proposals vaunting strong personality and scenic presence.”