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Each room design has a name and was created by a single artist – beyond there the similarities end and the remarkable differences begin.The Fox is an art hotel featuring everything from abstract minimalist black-and-white rooms to creatively colorful over-the-top interiors.



With over 20 contributing artists and 60 unique rooms to stay in, the Fox Hotel has something for ever visitor and is certainly a great source for interior design inspiration – even for people who can not make the trek to Copenhagen.


In some of the rooms, the focus is on patterns, contrasts and visual relationships that are more abstract and aesthetic. In other rooms, shapes, patterns and figures tell stories or evoke more particular reactions that span the scope of spatial experience.


There are some lessons that can be learned from the variety of interior designs at an offbeat location like an art hotel. Color- and pattern-matching can go beyond walls and floors to touch furniture objects, doors and beds themselves. A room can tell a story or evoke a mood in a more complex way than many designers realize.