skylight artificial lighting system

In the gloomy winter months, getting enough sunlight can be a challenge. Even if you have plenty of windows in your home or office, the limited daylight hours and often-stormy skies can make you feel gloomy and tired. A group of Italian scientists at a company called CoeLux have created what they say is the most advanced artificial sunlight ever.

artificial lighting skylight

Using proprietary technology, CoeLux makes skylights that can bring “sunlight” into any space, even a windowless basement. The company isn’t entirely forthcoming with the way the skylights work, but they do say that it has something to do with filtering light through nanoparticles similar to those in the Earth’s atmosphere.

coelux skylight artificial lighting

skylight coelux artificial indoor lighting

Amazingly, the light produced by the skylights really does look just like sunlight. These unaltered photos show how the technology illuminates a room with the same warm, gentle light that you are used to seeing from the sun. People seeing the effect for the first time are stunned when they realize that they aren’t actually seeing the sun, but rather a clever substitute.

realistic artificial lighting

coelux artificial lighting system

The revolutionary indoor lighting system comes in three styles to mimic three different geographical settings: Mediterranean, Northern Europe, and the tropics. It may seem like just an interesting gimmick, but the creation of realistic artificial sunlight can add a comforting element to even the darkest underground room.