wooden chairs

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It may not be enough to say these simple and innocent-looking wooden chairs have been tortured … they have been battered, beaten, hammered, hung, smeared, spattered, shot, tarred and feathered, chained to the ground, burned at the stake and have even gone missing entirely.

wood chairs destroyed

The survivors featured in this extraordinary furniture art exhibit are horribly scarred and crippled, forever maimed from their ordeals. Each started as a simple spruce wood seat, but each perished in a different way – done in by contemporary shotgun blasts or hung from a traditional noose.

wooden chair artist

Modus Operandi seems a suitable enough name for this unique art furniture series from Polish designer Matylda Krzykowski. Each destruction fits a profile, each broken-down chair tells a tale. That there are thirteen unfortunate victims is also certainly no accident.

wooden chair installation art