From regular tree houses to a structure literally built exclusively out of raw-cut trees, a see-through plastic polygon space to a towering building with dense library-book walls, these engaging 1-to-1 scale (life-size) pieces are not what most people expect to encounter in a day at the V&A Museum of London.

Architectural models are traditionally made at regular scales – 1:16, 1:32, 1:54 are typical as are more metric-friendly variants like 1:10 or 1:100, making this project a creative exception.

1:1 is a museum art installation series aimed at full-scale building experience of traversable spaces that still have the experimental and conceptual properties of miniature models.

Instead of staring at small model-sized pieces behind glass – accompanied by detailed drawings at a likewise smaller scale – visitors are encouraged to walk through, touch and otherwise interact with each work. Videos placed by each installation tell the story of their design and construction process as well.

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Of nineteen architects invited to submit proposals, seven of these strange and unique mini-habitats were built for this exhibit – some set between staircases or in multi-floor interior spaces, while others that could weather were placed in outdoor courtyard and entry areas. (Images via V&A + Dezeen).