art mobile hotel idea

Each stay in Everland is a strange one-of-a-kind trip for the mind as there is only one room in this portable hotel – and it shifts from place to place over time. While it has ridden on the backs of museums and had views of monuments, a night in the bizarre hotel itself is much like a stay in a private art gallery. Each newly-framed artistic landscape allows urban travelers to reflect on their surroundings from unique perspectives previously unseen by other tourists.

mobile art hotel room

This mobile hotel has been perched upon a ancient museum structure in a bustling German city, sat in center of Paris with an ideal elevated view of the Eiffel Tower and rested on an existing luxury hotel in Tokyo with views out over the surrounding city.

art hotel room interior

Each of these settings has afforded guests – permitted to stay only one night each – amazing never-before-seen angles on familiar landmarks and historical locations.

mobile art gallery hotel

Conceived of as an installation art project by Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann, the experience of this space is highly customized – each room has a bathroom, lounge and king-sized bed along with playful details including a set of golden bath towels begging to be stolen, a stocked and prepaid minibar, radical classic record collection a breakfast delivered right to the door.