The era of smart technology shows no sign of ending any time soon, and one of the latest niches to be bitten by the tech bug is kitchenware, refrigerators in particular. The kitchen might be second on the list after the lounge or living area when it comes to making your personal space work for you, but not for long. Smart fridge technology is not only providing owners with handy ways to track their household supplies and groceries, but also advertisers with further domestic space from which to market their products. We round up a few ways in which smart refrigerators could revolutionize the kitchen.


The kitchen is the heart of the home, with parents and children spending most of their time in this particular area of the house. New refrigerators equipped with TV screens can provide kitchen entertainment for the whole family, whether it’s a sports game, reality TV, or your favorite sitcom. The screens on new smart fridges not only perform the function of a TV, but also those of an iPad or tablet, meaning you can access the internet to listen to the radio, play games, listen to podcasts or watch videos.

Grocery Shopping

Smart fridges aren’t just fun—they’re practical, too. One of the biggest benefits of smart technology when it comes to fridges is the built-in camera system of models such as the Samsung Family Hub Smart Fridge Freezer. This recording system allows you to monitor your fridge stocks when you are out of the house, as a mobile app connects to the fridge, feeding you back snapshots of your fridge’s contents so know what you are running low on or completely out of. Not only this, but some models will closely monitor your supplies to let you know when your food expires and also let you re-order your groceries, helping you and your family to eat well.

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Chores and Tasks

The kitchen is also the place where lists are made and hung, often written on a notice board stuck to the fridge. Smart fridges allow you to make interactive lists that everyone has access to, making it easier to keep track of family chores and tasks. The screen acts as a blackboard for the kitchen, which also has a calendar that can be shared with the whole family, so everyone knows what they have to do to keep the household running smoothly.

Cooking Ideas

Everyone knows how frustrating it can be deciding what to cook in the evenings. A smart fridge can help, keeping track of the ingredients inside and allowing you to search a delicious recipe on the web directly from the fridge itself. You can also access cooking shows for recipes, instructions and inspiration online. There are also countless apps that can be downloaded onto the smart screen which can help you with cooking ideas and open up your kitchen to a whole host of new techniques and recipes, so you’ll never have a boring meal again.