Com Oda bench converts to chairs

The extra seating in a home – that is, those chairs that are hauled out only for large get-togethers or special occasions – is most often relegated to a dark corner when not in use. What would happen if it were lovely enough to leave out and on display at all times?

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Bench Expands Into Set of Five Chairs

Cóm-oda is a set of chairs from Spanish designers Mr. Simon that just begs to be put on display. When not in use, they are stored together in a bench-like formation that boasts an intricate design.

Com Oda Bench

The wood-and-cloth construction make the chairs easy to fold up and stash out of the way – but not too far out of the way, of course. When put together side-by-side, the chairs form a transforming bench that can be used as an alternative seating solution.

Com Oda Bench detail

By giving the chairs a dual identity, Mr. Simon has done something no one has been able to do with folding chairs until now: made them into objects of desire that never need to be hidden away.

Com Oda Bench detail close up

“Cóm-oda – Cóm-oda is a set of folded chairs, that when they are not in use, they shape new furniture, as a table. Our intention was to give them a new functionality as they spend most of the time hidden in some corner around the house. This concept is strengthened by the image of an antique commode printed on its surface. When the chairs are folded, the image becomes more apparent, as it does the new functionality.”

About the designers:

“We are an independent design studio based in Valencia, Spain, founded in 2010. We focus our efforts on developing graphic and product design projects. The purpose of the studio is to carry out projects based on a solid concept, considering that aesthetics are also important. Giving a simple and synthetic approach, Mr. Simon uses experimentation as a tool to explore new ways of communication.”