Zombie survival shelter

With the zombie craze reaching brain-consuming new heights, ever more emergency shelter ideas have risen to meet the fantastic challenge of defending against the undead. Here are a few of them, recently submitted to a rather unusual sort of architectural contest.

Mobile safe house

The first-place winner of the Zombie Safe House Competition, Austin Fleming, took a nomadic camouflage approach in the form of the Vagabond Mobile Safehouse Device, reasoning that a portable one-to-two-person shelter would be essential for traveling to find safety, food and water, while disguising oneself against legions of the infected.

apocalypse architecture

Biomimicry, reflectivity and flexibility come together in this quickly-deployable photovoltaic backpack shelter for two, able to be anchored to any surface for defensive purposes, provide a thermal barrier and generate energy.

Another runner-up, the Oil Silo Home, is a more extensively self-sufficient space designed to be difficult to invade (at least by mindless attackers). It’s also entirely off the grid, able to generate its own energy, recycle waste and gather water indefinitely. Theoretically, of course.

Zombie safe house competition

The Lookout House likewise provides an elevated and sustainable refuge, but with an underground (and underwater) twist so that one can escape by tunnel and sea if need be. Subterranean shelters are definitely a smart way to go about protecting oneself during a zombie (or other) apocalypse.

zombie survival

Other runners up planted their zombie-proof dwellings everywhere from gigantic dams and rooftops (via balloons) to sports stadiums, even the Statue of Liberty, providing a truly remarkable set of diverse solutions for an end of the world we should all hope never arrives.

Is the idea of actually preparing for a zombie apocalypse a little bit over the top? Yes. But while some of these shelters are definitely just as fantastical as their premise, others could be used as the basis for real life survival shelters in case of natural disasters, war or other emergencies.