KiraVan 1

When the zombie apocalypse comes, you’re going to wish you had one of these. The world’s most advanced expedition vehicle, created by a team of engineers, artists and scientists, can store three weeks’ worth of food and water onboard for three people, scale 45-degree slopes, desalinate salt water and deploy its own drones. HD cameras, LED work lights and a weather station are among the gadgets mounted to the roof.

KiraVan 2

KiraVan 4

Optimized for extended off-road capability as well as highway travel, the KiraVan┬áby Applied Minds is packed with technology for remote exploration, physical and chemical analysis, communications, scientific field research, navigation and video production – so it’s not just a fantasy vehicle for end-of-the-world speculators.

KiraVan 6

KiraVan 7

Based on a tractor-trailer form, the van has a high-efficiency turbo-diesel engine providing up to a 2,000-mile driving range over average terrain. The fuel system and tanks can withstand extreme heat and cold. Mulitple communications systems for voice and data ensure constant connection even in difficult locations like remote canyons and triple-canopy rain forests.

KiraVan 3

A turbo-diesel motorcycle mounted to a small elevator on the back makes solo journeys quick and easy, and solar panels provide power inside. Interior comforts include a cabin that functions as a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, with the toilet incinerating all waste into a non-toxic, sterile powder. All vehicles are custom-designed so they can be kitted out with whatever technology is necessary or desired for its intended purpose.