concept for wood partition wall

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This teeny-tiny (conceptual) apartment space is a mere 60 square meters (or around 200 square feet), but uses creative construction to create distinct zones. The undulating, angular wall looks a lot like an oversized piece of modern art, but it is actually a wall with several openings that can be opened or closed based on the residents’ needs.

opened up partitioned wall apartment


When completely closed up, the wall is a sculptural wooden screen dividing the apartment in half. Its components look like randomly placed blocks, but they all serve a purpose. Their black metal framework moves in strategic ways to change the purpose and area of the apartment. The middle of the wall unfolds to reveal the kitchen with a special niche for the refrigerator.

wood panels partition tiny apartment

closed wall entertainment and bedroom

At one end of of room, three rotating blocks turn around to form the entertainment area and the door to the bedroom/office. When these blocks are closed, the entertainment area faces in toward the bedroom and office area. Finally, a small portion of the wall opens up to the bathroom. The interior, designed by Vlad Mishin, is a unique concept that adds some style to the idea of living stylishly in a very small space.