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A great case of design being transplanted and thus transformed, the Doorclaxon is a simple hand-held horn taken out of context and installed in your entry door.

When someone reaches for the handle, they may or may not notice it is a tad pink and perhaps a little more rubbery, but they will understand when they grip tight only to have the handle collapse and hear a loud honk emitted.

Dieter Volkers is an inventor in the classical sense – he tinkers with odds and ends, addressing everyday issues. Of himself and his workshop, he writes: “My shed is a wonderful place. It’s a craft area, a breeding place for a traditional inventor. It is a place where I can set my mind free. The products are the result of functional objects. Objects which are powerful in their aesthetics. My collection represents the actions of our daily lives. Central is the value of ‘normal’ things and acts, such as passing a door.”