Anne Linde Showcase metal shelf

Love metal? So do we, and we’re not talking Black Sabbath. We’re talking Danish metal. Designer Anne Linde from Denmark has created a range of gorgeous shelves that are so majestically Scandinavian minimalist, they have our head spinning.

“I find metal fantastic. I love its sleek, elegant expression that can be formed, bent, cast in infinite ways. It is a living, strong and durable material which is timeless. The organic aspects of my design add a soft and a sculptural feel to the metal that into all kinds of interior.”

Anne Linde Showcase1

Anne Linde has a degree in Three Dimensional Design from Manchester Metropolitan University, England. In 2004 she struck out on her own and is making a splash with her cool, flexible shelf collection.

We are partial to the sculptural Showcase#1 (see top image), which seemingly floats without visible joints and allows you to sneakily stow away less showcase worthy items. We’re also fond of the classic Anne Linde Ledge:able, especially in clean white or blue. It’s such a compact nugget of metal beauty (see below).

Anne Linde Ledge-able

The Lean:able is another must-have, perfect for books and records.

Anne Linde Leanable metal shelf

Anne Linde’s flexible and clean design fits endless situations, from wardrobes to bathrooms, bedsides to living rooms.

Anne Linde shelf

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