amazing angled house

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First impressions: this building looks like more than one house – it is as if another house crash-landed into the original structure, or as if two houses were built by competing neighbors on the same plot of land.

amazing angled house 2

From simply-shingled roofs to standard-sized doors, there are many off-the-shelf components could equally well have been used to build a highly conventional contemporary residence. However, the ways in which these are assembled is full of obtuse angles and artful abstraction. For those familiar, this design by Atelier Tekuto bears a strong resemblance to Frank Gehry’s first piece of more avante garde architecture – and arguably has Frank Lloyd Wright-esque elements of spatial progression.

amazing angled home

Looking beyond the obvious oddness of this unique home, however, there are a number of quite clever and very precise design choices embedded in this structure that might seem at first to be more art than architecture. Aside from the copious natural light let in at virtually every off-angle intersection, living spaces are thrust outward from the core of the home to engaging exterior areas while privacy-requiring rooms are tucked neatly into the various internal turns and folds of the house.