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A house in the Scottish Highlands features a bent exterior that focuses on direct views of the sunrise and sunset. Built partially into the hillside, this timber-clad home features gable ends on either side and a lowered roofline in the center to reduce the building’s mass and help reduce heat loss in the cold, foggy Scottish winter.

Kinked Facade House 2

Kinked Facade House 3

Inspired by the traditional gabled homes of the region, Raw Architecture Workshop came up with a plan that optimized the best possible views with a “splayed and cranked” layout. The concrete base was partially buried into the sloped site to provide natural insulation and climate control.

Kinked Facade House 6

Kinked Facade House 4

The concrete, dark-stained cedar exterior and wild grasses help the home blend into its environment, echoing the surrounding mountains and stormy skies.

Kinked Facade House 5

Kinked Facade House 7

Inside, the unusual layout creates a dynamic series of bright, open spaces that angle from one room to the next. Slices of glass highlight select landscape features in the distance. “As you progress up through the building, via the birch ply staircase, spaces enlarge, daylight levels and ceiling heights soar, and materials are characterised by a lighter finish,” say the architects.