analog memory desk 3

What would your life look like if it were measured by all of the random scraps of paper you write your lists, appointments, phone numbers and thoughts upon each day? Most of these scraps are thrown away quickly and forgotten, but imagine looking back on all of them in one continuous form. What would they tell you about yourself? The Analog Memory Desk by Kirsten Camara creates an opportunity to find out.

analog memory desk 2

The designer wondered about all of those small details in our daily ephemera, “Does the sum of all these tiny parts produce a new narrative on our lives?” The result of this question is a functional writing desk covered in one long scrolled piece of paper, extending from a reel on one side across the surface and collecting on a second reel.

analog memory desk 4

The desk offers 1,100 yards of paper upon which to make your sketches, poems, thoughts and all of those bits of information you need to remember, if only temporarily. It’s an interesting way to log your life, to be sure, but perhaps an even more intriguing prospect for artists or writers, calling to mind the infamous scroll upon which Jack Kerouac wrote his masterpiece, ‘On the Road.’