tiny space saving kitchen

Like a Chinese puzzle box (or in food terms: an onion), each sliding block peels back to reveal another hidden layer – some walls double as doors, and each element serves more than a single purpose (or person).

compact kitchen design

A single square meter is displaced by the Small Type Kitchen, containing everything from cooking and preparation surfaces to a dinner table, stove, cooktop, refrigerator, suspended shelves, slots and drawers.

kitchen hidden features

The sequence unfolds with consideration for work flow as well as saving space, starting with a blank slate in its most compact form and then unfolds, offering areas to prep, cook and dine.

small type details

There is also a balance between multi-functional elements and use-specific spaces – general hooks and platforms on the one hand and subdivided drawers on the other. Prototype by designers Kristin Laass and Norman Ebelt.

small type kitchen sink

“Small type adapts to the space and habits of humans. The focus on a smooth working cycle and the intuitive operation characterize the monolith as a transparent kitchen. On only one square meter, when closed, there is a full kitchen with fridge, induction hob, oven, sink, storage space and a dining table. The interaction between the static kitchen element with the connections in the floor and the mobile element of the dining table, which also serves as a panel, have their special spatial appeal. The 360 ​​° usage promotes communication when several people cook together.”

“When the user rolls the table and pulls out the cooking unit, he brings small type to life as the inner wood structure becomes visible. The kitchen offers the ergonomically optimal working heights for the respective areas and by double-sided full extension all utensils are best accessible. small type stimulates conscious cooking and promotes the sensual experience by focusing on the essentials.”