When you’re making do with a small space, the ability to shift things around for different functions is crucial. Sometimes you might need your living room to be a cozy haven for two, sometimes you want to entertain a big group, sometimes you want to work on a craft project, sometimes you want to work out or practice your dance moves. All of this is possible in a single space if you choose your furniture very carefully. All-in-one furniture sets offer elements that slide out, open and close, fold up or expand so you can choose the layout of your home according to your needs and mood.
This incredible all-in-one furniture set from Matroshka is still looking for funding – so if you want to have one you might need to become an investor. Named after Russian nesting dolls, this remarkable furniture collection packs down to just 13 square feet but includes: bookshelves, a double bed, corner couch, dinner table, four stools, working space, drawers, a wardrobe and additional storage.

Here you can see how a single set of simple elements shifts for all sorts of purposes, offering seating for a big group of guests, privacy for the work area, storage beneath the platform and storage hidden in the stools as well. This transforming furniture set is a space-saving dream— and it packs up so small when you’re done.

Whether or not these are ever mass-produced, this great step-by-step furniture photo shoot should at least inspire do-it-yourselfers to think about how you can create your own highly portable and yet remarkably simple modular furniture sets to suit your own spatial needs:

Doesn’t it make you want to evaluate how much your current furniture is doing for you? Suddenly, oversized objects that only perform a single function aren’t looking so good, especially if you live in a small apartment.