Kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms are three core spaces that every home needs in some form, but their uses often overlap and are not always easy to fit into small apartments – hence the dinette, kitchen bar and other combination interior design ideas.

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This transforming all in one furniture concept design dubbed the CookLounge by its creator explores ways of integrating all three of these places into one, a perfect way to maximize free space in small studio apartments and cramped condos.

kitchen and living room in one

A hidden cooking area is tucked behind sliding enclosures that can be shut to provide extra space for dining or a seatback for lounging. A table moves up and down on a track, doubling as a dining or a coffee surface. The seats themselves can be freely positioned and conerted for relaxing or eating and their backs can be adjusted for sitting upright, laying back or anything in between.

“The kitchen of the 21st century is rapidly losing its exclusively functional appearance, and the boundaries to other living spaces are blurring. Generous spaces in which friendships are maintained and communication is central, seems to be a need in the modern world. The ‘cooklounge’ is a concept that incorporates the trends ‘cocooning’ and ‘grounding’. Spacious architecture, good taste and well-being are combined to a sophisticated design concept, in which the focus is on each other.”

cooklounge illustration

“We are drawn to appealing products and charismatic objects in the same way that we enjoy the company of interesting, fascinating people. This elusive quality is what makes objects desirable, it is essential to the success of a product and for strengthening a brand.”

“What´s the secret behind such products and product systems? At code2design, we have spent many years developing and refining our design process with the aim of creating this special quality. We firmly believe that a holistic approach with a 360-degree view of design projects is the only way to tap into the emotional value motivating future decisions to purchase.”

Perfect functionality and intuitive use form the natural starting point for our designs, with a multitude of other perspectives also flowing into the process. In this way we create design solutions that actively engage our product users and admirers for far longer, designs that awaken emotions and leave space for individual interpretation. Products that are expressive, yet maintain their depth and their multifaceted fascination. Products that build brand strategy with an aesthetic appearance encompassing a wealth of significance: form follows content.