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Image a simple, elegant and unassuming round kitchen pedestal table – with top that digitally displays dining options as well as the internet, sides that reveal stored food and hidden household appliances at the touch of a button and compartments to clean your dishes when you are done eating. Computerized, convenient, and eco-friendly, this futuristic dining-and-kitchen table design has it all.

kitchen dining table design

kitchen dining island table

Part dining room table, part kitchen island, this integrated computer-plus-furniture design by Petr Kubik is an ingenious work of industrial design. Everything you need to relax, eat and clean up is right at your fingertips. Hidden appliance spaces are designed to contain everything from a dishwasher and dryer to a toaster, coffee maker, water boiler, freezer, microwave and dinnerware containers.

kitchen computer dining table

kitchen dining table futuristic

Technologies employed include variable LED displays, nanotech surfaces for easy cleaning and pneumatic systems for internal mobility. Materials include glass, plastic and stainless steel. The pedestal portion connects everything from the top down into house electric, internet, water and waste systems.

kitchen computer touch screen

The versatile round table top computer display becomes transparent as needed to display foods and beverages within refrigerated interior spaces (divided for dairy, meats, vegetables and so on). Openings to these areas rotate for easy accessibility while beverages can be grabbed from above.

kitchen cool multifunctional table

While it is not yet built (let alone for sale), there seems little doubt that this is the way of the future – maximizing technology and versatility in objects designed for home use, making it possible to compact your kitchen, dining and living areas – saving space with multifunctional furniture.