The combination table for homes with kitchens that double as dining rooms is nothing new, but this futuristic idea is imagined as something that could be used in office conference rooms as well as residential settings. Extending end pieces, built-in cabinets and storage drawers make the most of limited space – augmented by integrated cooking gadgets and advanced digital technologies.

For designers Michael Scherger and Dennis Kulage this is not about being practical or realistic per se, but perhaps best viewed as an all-in-one vision for how extendable and flexible a single piece of furniture could possibly be.

The design may be black and white but it is anything but simple – all kinds of complex features and functions are contained within the smooth curves of the kitchen-plus-dining-room table concept, from cooking options to seating space for eight chairs.

Built in waste disposal bins, sink and dishwasher can be found in the large solid volume at one end inside of sliding cabinets that sit flush with the smooth forms when not in use. Similarly slick white seats are portrayed in the picture above – chairs that are less complicated but a good aesthetic match for the overall dining/kitchen table design theme.

Along the main expanse of the table, each place setting along the slick black surface comes complete with touch-screen controls to see the menu or request drinks and dinner – and they also all have a white drawer below them that slides out for additions storage or a place to put dirty plates in case people want to transition quickly from a meal to a meeting.

About the designers:

“We create products and concepts. From idea to finished product we provide creative consultancy on a professional level. Based in Essen, Germany, we have created many concepts and products which you can find on our website. We also provide high-end visualizations for presentations in several areas.”