What more could a kid ask for? This complex and creative modern kids’ room design has places to play and sleep, a lofted bed on top with many shelves, steps, hidden compartments and passages along the way up.

The interior design challenge here was a complex one: use a very small amount of existing square footage to create a series of spaces ranging from public to private, interactive to comfortable. In short, there was a need to address a range of childhood needs and desires but with a very limited spatial footprint.

The ingenious architectural solution proposed by H2O Architects was to make the child’s area serve not only as an interactive play space with plenty of storage, twists and turns, but to also use this as an opportunity to create a spatial divider within the broader room itself – designed to be a point of interaction but also a division for privacy between the family’s two children.

The end result is a marvelous, zig-zagging interior structure that is both modern and remarkably playful at the same time. Toys, drawings and other childhood toys and accessories give color to the blank white forms and play off the ever-winding angles of this strange space-filled combination bedroom, playroom and partition wall. The all-in-one bedroom design packs lots of function into a compact kids’ room.

“The arrival of a new child in the family pressed a young couple to think about a way to divide a room into two parts,” say the architects. “The idea was to provide a personal space to each child. The projet answers to this request of separation by adding a third space making the partition. The creation of a ‘multiple-use furniture’ in the middle of the space allows to add some depth to the primary basic partition. It afford passages, secret storage, bed, office… in a funny way.”

“Many uncharted and intermediate spaces led by the furniture allow for the invention of any kind of practices and uses. Let’s play!”