It’s about time portable kitchens got a whole lot smaller while offering a whole lot more functionality. We carry complex computers in our pockets these days, so we should definitely have the technology, right? Ultra compact kitchens could make a huge difference in micro apartments, tiny houses and other spaces where even a kitchenette takes up too much space, but you just can’t make do with a hot pot and microwave.

This intriguing concept looks like it could offer just that. Black, white, ultra-modern and minimalist, the elegantly simple design features an amazing array of capabilities hidden inside for cooking, cleaning, cooling and disposing of food. At just over a foot and a half wide by about a foot long, it may the most compact all-in-one, complete-kitchen furniture/fixture object ever proposed – it literally has everything but the kitchen sink.

Like a portable cooking island, the entire system was designed by He Ruimin to move in any direction on wheels, with burner spots on the top for a chef on the go. This hot spot is covered by food cutting surfaces and preparation areas that can be pulled back to reveal the heating zone.

Fold-out kitchenware storage, a refrigerator door and disposal area all sit flush against the smooth curved side surfaces until needed. How does this design in particular manage to pack so much into such a small area? The main space-saving concept that works throughout the piece is quite simple: let no area go to waste in any of the three dimensions – such as the space typically lost beneath the open surface of a traditional table.

It’s a smart solution for a common problem, and refreshingly chic in its glossy black and white color scheme as well. Can’t you see this slotting right into an RV or van as a camper kitchen, or making a tiny house feel a little more like home?