futuristic tabletop cookware set

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There is simply something more social about cooking with friends – and more personal about making your own meal. Yet for those of us who dislike spending too much time in the crowded kitchen, there is a great deal of appeal to an all-in-one modular system that can cook your food right on top of your dining room table.

futuristic table top cooking

Each of these modules serves a different heating function – they can boil, grill and fry food on the spot while you sit around and socialize. The pieces slot together to form an an daisy-chain so that a single power cord supplies the entire set.

futuristic cookware concept design

Best of all, they are completely smooth and self-contained within their sleek black shell to make after-meal cleanup as simple as possible. Unfortunately still only a design concept by Chris Fox, it is a sure bet these will sell like hot cakes (or plates) when they do finally hit the market in one form or another.