There’s really no debating the benefits of natural light. Being exposed to moderate amounts of sunlight can have tremendously positive effects on your mind and body. But when most of us work in dark cubicles and come home to dimly-lit homes, we aren’t getting enough of those beneficial rays.
Photon Space is an all-glass home from a UK glass engineering company called Cantifix. The structure is specifically engineered to combat the effects of low light exposure by using nano-technology and high-tech, multi-layered glass.
The entirety of the home’s exterior is glass, which is obviously the ideal solution for letting in as much natural light as possible. But does anyone really want to live in a completely transparent house? The Photon Project team has a simple solution for that: glass that turns opaque on command.
By flipping a switch or using a mobile app, residents can control the level of opacity. It can be completely transparent for maximum sunlight or cloudy enough that no one can see in. There are settings in between so that you can tailor a solution for seasonal affective disorder, jet lag, stress, and a number of other conditions.
One of the reasons so many of us are lacking in sunlight exposure is that we are genuinely worried about skin cancer. The Photon Space’s glass skin effectively blocks 99.9% of harmful UV rays and, thanks to double and triple glazing, also keep the interior from becoming too hot or too cold. The glass even blocks 85% of external noise.

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The home’s footprint is rather small at just 45 square meters (around 147 square feet), but it incorporates a double bedroom, sitting room, and modular bathroom and kitchen. The Photon Space isn’t meant to be a permanent home, however – at least not at this stage. The company plans to market the human greenhouses as “wellness tourism,” in which you take a holiday to reset your internal clock and and return to a more natural life rhythm.