Air Clicker invisible camera

Ask yourself: what does a digital camera actually need to do? Really, it comes down to a device with a lens, a means of activating it and perhaps an on/off button for downtime between shoots – and perhaps one so portable and integrated that it really can capture candid shots around your friends and family this holiday season.

Motion Sensor Finger Camera

Hence, the ultra-simple Air Clicker bluetooth camera concept by Yeon Su Kim, which requires only a pair of silicone rings that wrap a pair of your fingers. That makes it easy to (literally) keep on hand, and thus quick to deploy when the moment is right.

Bluetooth connected finger camera

How does it work? A graphic provided by the designer reads: “‘Air Clicker’ is a bluetooth-enabled device being connected with a smartphone. The pictures you took will be saved in your smart phone at once. So you can check it later and also see the scene or video which is filming now. This camera consists of 2 modules. One is for a thumb and the other is for a forefinger. You wear a camera on your thumb and the shutter button on your forefinger. In the forefinger band, there is the tension-sensor which can recognize if the finger is bent or not. When you bend a finger like pressing a shutter, it sense the tension and take photos.”

The camera portion on the thumb recognizes the relative position of the other elongated finger ring, sensing whether it is at rest or in a bent position indicating an intended click – if the latter, it takes a picture and send it wirelessly to your local mobile device. Alas, yes, still only a prototype. But with both bluetooth and motion sensor technology on the rise, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before a concept like this becomes a reality.