In Bali, you can find all of the must-have elements of a tropical vacation together in one place: open-air dining, hammocks with amazing views, lush foliage, crystal clear swimming pools, and incredible bamboo architecture. Located in the mountains of the Gunung Agung volcano, “Hideout Horizon” is the latest bamboo house at Hideout Bali, a unique eco-friendly resort that aims to give travelers the experience of Balinese village life.

Architects Studio WNA designed “Hideout Horizon” with adventurous visitors in mind. Made almost entirely of natural materials, this open-air structure provides a luxurious “glamping” home base divided into different zones for sleeping, lounging, swinging, swimming, and other activities emphasizing relaxation and playfulness.

The wing-shaped roof and large overhang offer a shaded indoor/outdoor space protected from tropical rainstorms, with one side completely open to a private grassy space encircled with palm trees and other plants. The pool serves as a transitional point between indoors and out, while a robust multi-person hammock built as a mezzanine hovers above it.

Inside, a rich palette of natural tones gives the bamboo flooring, structural elements, and roofing both texture and pattern. The rusticity of the materials contrasts beautifully with modern LED lighting. A walkway, doubling as a roof for the couch below, leads from the ground floor up to the nest-like bed surrounded with a canopy of mosquito netting.

The upper levels cascade into unique sleeping and relaxation spaces for guests,” the architects say. “A large round bed perches on a platform like a nest in the middle of the space, with a secret loft area tucked away at the highest level of the bamboo house. The building is completely open to the serene jungle surroundings. The heated pool is sheltered under the large roof, which provides a safe and comfortable place to relax even when the tropical weather gets wild.”

“The space was purposefully designed to create a fun experience for travelers of all ages. Instead of stairs, a ramp winds through the structure; where some prefer to walk, others prefer to slide. A hanging net above the pool and a bamboo swing downstairs add to the playfulness of Hideout Horizon’s creative yet comfortable character. Guests have an array of spots to relax in after hiking through the surrounding landscape. The bespoke interior design and the bamboo furniture were designed specifically for Hideout Horizon space by the Hideout team in collaboration with Putri Wiwoho.”

With all of Bali’s charms beckoning, including stellar water-based activities and a smorgasbord of delicious cuisine, most guests will just have to find a good balance between their “hideout” and the outside world. But anyone could be forgiven for arriving and deciding not to leave for the duration of their stay.

“Hideout Horizon” is just one of the resort’s all-bamboo homes. “Hideout Falcon” is a larger, fully enclosed guest space, if that’s your preference, while “Hideout Beehive” is a two-level hexagonal structure with some of the resort’s highest vantage points. “Hideout Lightroom” keeps it small and simple (but still luxurious) and has its own spacious soaking tub. You can check out more photos and get info about the Hideout Network on Instagram.