To mark their 40th year in business, the cookware specialists over at Alfa 1977 have selected their new Toto multifunctional “grilloven,” the world’s first two-in-one outdoor grill and oven, to head their 2017 collection. For the past four decades, this renowned Italian company, which describes itself as a team of “Industrial Artisans with a passion for fire,” has been designing and manufacturing wood, gas, and charcoal-fired ovens and barbecues. To date, they have shipped over half a million products to customers around the world.

Toto Outdoor Grilloven - Alfa1977

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The Toto grilloven marries baking and barbecuing by allowing people to practice traditional cooking methods with modern efficiency. This sleek appliance is easy to use and heats up very quickly thanks to its thick steel insulation, which also improves its overall heat resistance. The grilloven was designed for year-round use, acting like a hot outdoor kitchen in the winter and a place to flip some burgers and entertain guests in the summer. While most cooking companies try to bring the outside in, Alfa 1977 is bringing the inside out.

“Toto is a real breakthrough in the barbecue market,” explains Andrea Lauro, the company’s Head of Research and Development, “and an important innovation for Alfa 1977, on the eve of its fortieth anniversary. In fact, we have added a multifunctional grill to the classic stainless steel oven to provide our customers with not so much a tool as a total cooking experience that finds its essence in the conviviality and the joy of sharing. Toto is a brand-new alternative to traditional barbecue and a seductive key to outdoor cooking.”

Toto Outdoor Grilloven - Alfa1977

Toto has been pre-equipped with an arsenal of handy tools, including an oven burner, cook deck, wood and charcoal fuel grid, grid lifter, and grill burner, allowing you to bake, stir-fry, sautée, and barbecue with ease. A steel dome was integrated into the grilloven’s design to “overcome the stereotype of [a] barbecue with [a] rounded bottom,” according to the company website. The grilloven’s innovative craftsmanship makes it the perfect all-in-one appliance for outdoor food preparation.

Food on the Toto Grill - Alfa 1977

If you feel like you don’t have enough yard space for the grilloven or just want a simpler outdoor cooking experience, you’re in luck. Alfa 1977 has also released a stylish standalone Toto grill.

Ciao Pizza Oven - Alfa 1977 Ciao Pizza Oven - Alfa 1977

If your outdoor cooking needs are more specific, you might be interested in the company’s “Ciao” pizza oven. Ciao comes in three different sizes and features a stainless steel roof and a cooking floor made from three-centimeter thick tiles that store heat and transmit it back to the food being baked. For transportation convenience, Ciao has been fitted with a set of wheels. Why not roll it inside one night? You could try your hand at baking bread, pizzas, a juicy steak, or a pie! The oven even boasts a pyrometer, which gauges the temperature inside the combustion chamber. Ciao is practically ready to use the moment it arrives — you just have to put in the flue and attach its legs.

Fiesta Barbecue Oven - Alfa 1977 Fiesta Barbecue Oven - Alfa 1977 - details

“Fiesta,” like the Toto, is a two-in-one model. Try putting bread, pizza, cakes, or pies in the oven while you whip up some delicious fish, meat, and vegetables on the barbecue. If you love to entertain guests and eat outdoors in style, then Alfa 1977 has your cookware needs covered.