To achieve a truly balanced interior design, our belongings should not only be functional, but hold some sort of personal value as well. The Walking Table designed by Wouter Scheublin would not have a place in every home, but for those who value the beautiful function of mechanics it would be a prized piece of furniture.

The walnut wood table features legs that move in a natural walking motion when the table is pushed. The obvious advantage is that the table can actually help move itself when you need to relocate it.

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But the less obvious advantage of the table is that it lets us marvel at the sheer delight of something completely unexpected. Traditionally, furniture is the stable, static part of the home interior, moving rarely if ever, and then only with a considerable measure of effort from its owner(s).
With its spider-like movement and surprising grace, the Walking Table is mesmerizing while in motion. Scheublin made a very limited edition of eight of these marvelous contraptions, meaning that most of the world will never know how it feels to take our dining room tables out for a walk.