Frames flat pack to minimalist bookshelf

The Frames 2.0 bookshelf from designer Gerard de Hoop takes the traditional (and, let’s face it, kind of boring) bookshelf design and turns it into a functional minimalist sculpture. Frames 2.0 is composed of two sets of six wooden frames. When disassembled, the frames nest together into flat-pack rectangles. But when you put it together, it becomes a beautifully useful storage piece or room divider.

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Frame flat-pack bookshelf

The negative space in the bookshelf makes it seem airy and almost too delicate to hold objects. But its interlaced structure makes it sturdy enough to support books, mementos, decorative items, and whatever else you can fit onto its thin shelves.

Frame flat-pack nesting bookshelf

Accessory metal containers can fit into the negative spaces and act as planters or just serve as storage spaces for small objects. The uneven beams and scaffold-like shape give it the look of a Mondrian painting that has somehow leapt into the third dimension.

FRAMES 2.0, a composition of 12 wooden frames to be used as a minimalist freestanding cabinet or as a room divider. The open frames give an exciting arrangement, and from a certain angle the frames even seem to float. The ‘shelves’ have different widths with an open center, and can accommodate a number of books and accessories. Also available with glass shelves. Packed, all frames fit together. The total package contains 2 sets of 6 frames (flat pack).”

Frames minimalist bookshelf

About the designer

“Gerard Hoop (Stadskanaal, 1968) is a versatile and passionate designer. He studied Architectural Design and Interior Architecture at the Minerva Art Academy in Groningen. His work consists of a constant search for innovation and ingenuity in the field of functional products. His ambition is to create unique designs that contain the elements of simplicity, surprise and versatility.”

“Simplicity is mainly achieved through the use of basic geometric shapes. He always pushes the boundaries of what is possible, and is always looking for a certain tension. This element of surprise, that special effect is what he strives for. A number of his furniture designs are included in the collections of international design brands.”