Do you not want to mess with existing finishes and fixtures? Not have time to install new furniture or furnishings? Or are you perhaps living in a temporary dorm or apartment and just too lazy to make impermanent design decisions? The ROOM by ODA is a modular collapsing-and-expanding dwelling system that solves your bedroom interior design problems with one stylish, simple and reasonably affordable space-creating design object.


Composed of three essential elements (Pod, Media Station and Satellite), ROOM is a room-in-a-box bedroom solution that expands and contracts as needed to conform to user requirements. Simple construction and materials make this a design-within-reach for its target demographic (primarily younger buyers) and customized materials allow people to upgrade to more elegant versions should they choose (for a price).


What started as a simple one-off project for a loft bedroom space became a mass-producible commodity when the designers started to realize the benefits of a modular room system that could adapt to different styles, spaces and needs. Built in seating, storage, lounging, reading and viewing spaces make for an ever-varied, whimsical flowing interior design that also defines itself as a singular, fully-connected object set apart from the space it is within.