Froc adjustable highchair toddler

Buying stuff for a new baby is one of the most exciting moments of life, but that excitement quickly turns to disbelief when you realize just how much stuff they need and just how quickly they outgrow everything. The Froc adjustable highchair is meant to grow with your child, giving you one less thing that needs to be replaced every few months.

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The Froc is so adjustable that it can grow with your child from the ages of six months to approximately 10 years. For babies, the Froc is a high chair with a safety seat belt. As the child gets bigger, the seat, footrest and back rest all change positions to accommodate the growing bundle of joy.

Froc adjustable highchair wood

Because kids love to do things that they probably shouldn’t, the Froc is stable enough to stay upright even when it’s being climbed on. The wide base does not allow the chair to fall, even if a child stands on the footrest or leans back while sitting on the seat. The innovative chair is made from natural materials and can be assembled in just a few minutes, making it ideal for taking on trips.

Froc adjustable highchair cushion

The coolest part is how customizable it is. You can go to Froc’s website to design your own chair, choosing from the various textile options available and different harnesses and seats for various ages.

Froc adjustable highchair baby

About Froc

“Matej founder of the company had the idea for a fully adaptable highchair soon after the birth of his older son Taj. How did this happen? After he and his wife Maruša had failed to find a proper fully-adaptable, modern, wooden highchair on the market they’d want to have for their kids, Matej set out to develop one himself. Soon after the launch, Froc received the first awards and, more importantly, Matej’s second born daughter Kiara got a pretty pink Froc chair just for herself.”