soufflet pillow

The Soufflet Pillow from Bina Baitel Design Studio is the perfect way to make sure you’re comfortable no matter where you are. Looking somewhat like a fireplace bellows, the pillow is inflatable and operated with a remote control. With a touch of a button, the pillow inflates or deflates to the user’s exact needs.

remote controlled inflatable pillow

The accordion-shaped pillow was developed in collaboration with textile designer Luce Couillet. Its folds allow it to be raised or lowered to the level of the user’s comfort. It is completely portable so it can follow you to the sofa, bed, or chair.

inflatable soufflet pillow

After an injury or operation, keeping the head or legs elevated can be an essential part of recovery. The Soufflet is a comfortable and adjustable pillow that lets you elevate to your perfect comfort level.