accessible modular chop chop kitchen
If there’s one almost-universal complaint about kitchen design, it’s that the room should be far more efficient. The Chop Chop Kitchen from industrial designer Dirk Biotto is designed to be super-efficient with some surprising features.
pegboard and towel rack
Chop Chop is meant to be ideal for the elderly and those with mobility problems. Everything is close together, making it easier to reach all of the functions without walking across an entire room to perform various functions.
sink and dish drainer
The sink basin has a flip-open cutting board with grooves to make drainage simple. The cutting board (when clean) can also double as a dish drainer after you’ve washed a few dishes. The tall gooseneck faucet is easy to move into different positions to accommodate people of different heights and mobility levels.
built in storage butcher block kitchen
The kitchen counter’s backsplash is made of pegboard that lets you attach various accessories and holders, customizing the kitchen to your specific needs. A recessed area in the counter either holds ingredients for easy access or simply gets them out of the way while you prepare a meal.
in counter vegetable grater chop chop kitchen
One of the most intriguing aspects of the Chop Chop Kitchen is its built-in grater. The grater is recessed in the countertop and connects to a pull-out drawer just beneath. The drawer catches the gratings which you can then just scoop out, eliminating the hand-crippling pain of holding a grater with one hand and dragging a carrot up and down across it.
chop chop kitchen

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The butcher block surface has a number of cool storage solutions that make it easy for cooks to keep everything they need within reaching distance. The kitchen units are tall enough that additional storage can be added underneath, and a cook in a wheelchair can comfortably reach the surfaces to work.