foyer loft

In some homes, there are spaces that are clearly meant for bigger and better things. This home featured a double-height foyer, but only two bedrooms and no den or play area for the residents’ small child. The homeowners had a stroke of genius: make the top half of that very tall foyer into a loft.

in progress

The transformation was all done by the homeowners and their family. A wooden frame affixed to the tall foyer walls was the foundation for the new room. Light wood flooring, white walls, and two large windows make the small loft look larger than it is.

before and after

The transformation is nothing short of stunning. The addition of safety rails, a play area and a desk have made the brand new loft into the perfect flexible family area. The DIY nature of the project makes it even more appealing since so many homes feature spaces like this that are just going to waste. With a little creativity, those wasted spaces can become truly exceptional parts of the home.

(via: Apartment Therapy)